Paola Zamora

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I firmly believe that every client has the innate capacity for positive change and healthy functioning. My approach to counseling and therapy is rooted in client-centered and humanistic principles, ensuring that each individual receives personalized care and attention.

Whether you are struggling with a specific issue or simply seeking support and guidance on your journey, I am here to help. I offer a safe and compassionate space for individuals, couples, and families to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and work collaboratively to achieve their goals.

I provide in-person and virtual services to cater to your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer face-to-face interactions or the convenience of virtual sessions, I've got you covered. With in-person sessions, we can meet in a comfortable and confidential setting where we can engage in therapy directly, allowing for a more personal and immersive experience.


My methods

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy focuses on the stories people tell about their lives, aiming to help them identify and rewrite negative narratives for a more positive self-view and problem-solving approach.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In CBT, the main focus is to help people change negative thoughts and behaviors that contribute to mental health problems by teaching coping skills and strategies to manage symptoms.

Family Therapy

Family system therapy focuses on improving the relationships and dynamics within a family to improve overall functioning and communication, helping individuals understand how their behavior affects the family unit.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a child-centered form of psychotherapy that uses play to help children express and process emotions, develop coping skills, and improve communication. It provides a safe and supportive environment for children to work through emotional conflicts.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention is a short-term, goal-oriented approach that provides immediate support and assistance to individuals in crisis, helping them learn coping skills and develop a plan to prevent future crises. Its aim is to provide timely and effective support to individuals in distress.

Person-Centered Therapy

The focus of Person-Centered Therapy is to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where individuals can explore their thoughts and feelings to gain insight into themselves and their problems.

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy helps you to learn about yourself. We work through behavioral, communicational, thought and relational patterns.

Couples Counseling

Relationship therapy helps people to communicate their feelings and needs to each other without fear of being criticized or attacked.


Family therapy is to strengthen relationships, improve overall family functioning, and enhance the well-being of each family member

Maria C.

I had the opportunity to work with Paola, and I am extremely pleased with the support and guidance I received. From the very first session, the therapist created a warm and non-judgmental environment, making it easy for me to open up and share my thoughts and feelings.

Happy clients


Chris S.

Paola’s expertise and knowledge in the field of mental health were evident throughout our sessions. She actively listened to my concerns, asked insightful questions, and provided valuable perspectives that helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and my challenges. Her ability to offer empathy and genuine support was truly remarkable

Angelica M.

I gotta say, working with this therapist was a game-changer for me. Right from the start, they made me feel so comfortable and at ease. No judgment, just a safe space to spill my guts and talk about what was on my mind.

Ashley L.

All in all, I can't recommend Paola enough. She helped me grow, gave me the strength to face my challenges, and made me feel like I wasn't alone in this crazy journey called life. If you're looking for someone who's compassionate, supportive, and knows their stuff, you gotta give this therapist a try. Trust me, she is a game-changer

Have any questions?

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